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Christmastime at Violet Flame World

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

picture of wide-eyed child looking at Christmas cookies baking in the oven.

As Christmastime approaches, the aroma of freshly baked cookies and cakes is coming from the kitchen here at Violet Flame World. And with it, there is a sense of peace and harmony. Some would call this feeling the Spirit of Christmas.

The experience of being around the kitchen this time of year reminded me of a wonderful and timeless story I would like to share with you.

There once lived by the sea a gentle soul who was a miller. He and his wife served together to grind the grain for the people of their town. And it came to pass that in all the land there were no communities where so much happiness reigned as there. Their countrymen marveled and wondered, for they recognized that something unusual must have happened to make the members of this community so singularly wise and happy. And although the townsfolk themselves were born, grew up, matured to adulthood and passed away from within the community, never in all of their living were they able to understand the mystery.

What was it that made the community so happy and prosperous, so joyous and wise?

Flour, eggs, and love are what make both dough and consciousness rise

It was the service of the miller and his wife and the love that they put into the flour. For this love was carried home in sacks of flour on the backs of those who patronized their mill and was then baked into their bread. At every meal the regenerative power of love from the miller and his wife was present around the table, and it entered their physical bodies as they partook of the bread. Thus, the energy of this vibrant love from the miller and his wife was spread throughout the community.

The food we eat, when prepared by hands charged with divine love, enters our physical body, and creates a much greater degree of spiritual happiness than we may realize! *

A Secret Ingredient

A happy mother and daughter cooking during the holidays and infusing the food with both love and the violet flame

Today, in addition to the divine love which the miller and his wife put into their work each day, we have access to another “ingredient” that we can use at Christmas and throughout the year. It is called the violet flame. And like the foundational ingredients used in cooking you can incorporate violet flame into all your daily activities – it goes with everything!

How does the violet flame work?

The violet flame is very close in vibration to the compound and chemical elements in our physical universe and therefore has a unique ability to interpenetrate and transform matter. Indeed, the violet flame changes negative energy to positive energy and allows it to flow freely again! To learn more, you can watch an introductory video and download a free ebook about the violet flame at our Resources Page.

Milk and cookies along with a note from a child await Santa on Christmas Eve

May you experience the Spirit of Christmas this season and remember the heart of a child - who thinking about the arrival of Santa - leaves him cookies and milk and perhaps even a snack for the reindeer!

Until next time...

Merry Christmas, Peace and Good Will to All

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* - Story adapted from the book: The Masters and Their Retreats by SU Press

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