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Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving... Service and the Violet Flame

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Grandfather and grandson walking together during Thanksgiving time

Many years before learning about and beginning to give the violet flame, I look back and realize some experiences in my early years were preparing me for a time when I would have the opportunity to apply the violet flame in the same charitable and quiet way I experienced through another form of service long ago on Thanksgiving Day.

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving at my grandparents really felt like a scene from this idyllic Norman Rockwell painting. I believe this is one reason Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday now.

Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving painting. Freedom from Want

My grandparents lived in an old and well-kept Victorian home. It was one of many which existed throughout small-town America.

There was, however, one peculiarity which I believe made it different from most others.

Next door to my grandparent's home lived a very elderly woman. Her house was in disrepair and the grass and weeds on her lot were taller than me!. The few times I saw this elderly lady in my early years she always wore a heavy black skirt and white top. The combination of her age, the condition of her yard, and her stark clothing were terrifying to someone my age.

While outside playing one day, I saw the elderly woman working in her yard. She was using a large sickle and chopping away at the tall weeds and grass on her lot. It was clear that her efforts were futile – the job really would have required a heavy-duty mower or even a tractor. The image of this old woman in black garb swinging a large sickle in her yard only added to my fear.

Old woman with sickle

And this is where the story really begins…

One year, as our family was all together celebrating our annual “Norman Rockwell” Thanksgiving, my grandfather came over to me and asked me a question. He said they had prepared a special plate for a neighbor who was alone and wanted to know if I would walk over with him to deliver it. To be honest, I never considered where we might be going, I was simply happy my grandfather had asked me to share in this special mission!

Imagine my surprise when we went outside with this Thanksgiving meal and started walking towards the old, run-down house. I was really afraid at this point but remembered thinking “well if my grandfather is not worried, then I won’t be either”! When we got to the house, we walked up some very shaky steps and my grandfather knocked on the front door. I held my breath…

When the elderly woman came to the door, she was just as I had seen her from a distance and every bit as scary in appearance. She had her heavy black skirt and white top on. In addition, she seemed even older up close and I noticed she had very few teeth. And this is where the disguised blessing of a lifetime took place. My grandfather said something to her in German and she replied back. I did not understand the language so I could only observe. What I saw was complete gratitude and a sparkle in her eyes. And I felt the unconditional love from her heart for the simple and unexpected gift of a Thanksgiving meal.

This was an experience which has never left me and it taught me the meaning of private charity at a very early age.

Today, I believe everyone we meet on life’s journey is there for a reason. And sometimes while we are looking and waiting for the “big events” to happen in our lives it is the small, everyday occurrences which can have the most profound influence and meaning.

Hebrews 13:2

Giving thanks to Saint Germain and the gift of the violet flame

As mentioned earlier, this experience took place many years before I learned about and began giving the violet flame. Today, every day is Thanksgiving for me when I remember to give thanks to Saint Germain for his special gift of the violet flame and to share this gift with others.

Until next time…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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