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"Pig-Pen" discovers the Violet Flame!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The aura of the Peanuts cartoon character “Pig-Pen” shown before and after giving violet flame.

Most of us cannot see our aura but if we could we would likely experience some degree of inspiration and disappointment. The good thoughts, deeds, and feelings we express can give our aura great purity and make it beautiful in color. Conversely, our negative thoughts and feelings can make our aura murky and dark in color.

In the Peanuts cartoon, the character “Pig-Pen” was known for his perpetually filthy overalls and the cloud of dirt and dust that followed him wherever he went. He sometimes referred to the cloud as "the dust of ancient civilizations" and could not seem to rid himself of the dust for more than a brief time despite his best efforts. *

Well, what if “Pig-Pen” had known about and begun to give the violet flame? If so, he could have started ridding himself of “the dust of ancient civilizations” (i.e. his past lives) and begun to transform himself into the purity and beauty we are all meant to become!

Folks, we won’t be able to hide our thoughts and feelings in the next world so why not start cleaning them up today with the violet flame? You can access our free violet flame resources page to begin your journey!

* Interestingly, “Pig-Pen” did appear clean at least once in the cartoon - it was to impress a girl named Violet! If you are searching for your own "Violet" go to one of our previous blogs about the violet flame can assist you to find your perfect match !

Two match violet flames merging as one

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