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The Bliss of Forgiveness - finding Forgiveness with Violet Flame!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

A woman in yoga pose giving a violet flame mantra

Have you ever heard the expression “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Typically, you might think this of this expression in a wartime, political, business or some other high-stakes life drama. For me, I discovered one weekend years ago I was unknowingly participating in a similar drama – one where I had good friends close (i.e., good karma) but an “enemy” (i.e., bad karma) even closer.

The Flower Exercise

The story begins with me agreeing to help host and be part of a weekend seminar. A large number of people were in attendance including good friends, others I did not know, and my “enemy”. My role in the seminar was to welcome people to the weekend, assist with their needs, help with music, and participate when the opportunity allowed.

Near the end of the seminar, one of the workshop presenters invited all attendees to participate in a “flower exercise”. The presenter had just been telling everyone about Kuan Yin – a heavenly being known for her qualities of forgiveness, mercy, and compassion. We also learned the orchid was a flower associated with Kuan Yin and that she works closely with us through the use of the violet flame.

The orchid is often associated with Kuan Yin

The presenter had many orchids brought into the room and invited each participant to come up one at a time and choose an orchid. Once everyone had an orchid, they could choose another person in the room to give it to. The exercise was to continue until everyone felt like they had interacted with everyone else they felt called to.

My assignment during this exercise was to lower the lights, play reflective music, etc. To be honest, I was grateful because I felt it was all a little too “touchy feely” and did not want to participate. I also noticed that at first the exercise was like a high-school dance where all the popular kids are asked to dance (i.e., receive a flower) while the less-popular ones observe quietly from the sidelines.

As fate would have it, the presenter came and invited me to participate in the exercise. I reluctantly but obediently got my orchid and quickly gave it away to someone with whom I had a close tie. And like the less-popular kid at the dance, I soon found out I would not have another orchid to give away until someone came along and gave me one! Finally, I received an orchid from someone else so I again had one to give away. This time, I looked around the room more closely. I noticed my “enemy” – an individual who I did not particularly care for and who I knew felt the same way about me. The two of us had spoken and unspoken resentments towards one another. It was the kind of thing that had gone on unresolved for many years (lifetimes???).

For some reason, I decided that day to approach this individual and give them my orchid. You wouldn’t think this would be a particularly difficult thing to do – but my steps felt heavy and I had a pit in my stomach. I did not say a word as I looked at my “enemy” and extended the orchid. At first, there was no reaction or recognition. But suddenly, the non-recognition turned into a smile, tears, and acceptance. In fact, the individual stood up and embraced me and I somehow knew the “spell was broken”. Years later, I still see this person occasionally and can honestly say a healing has taken place between us.

Finding Forgiveness through the Violet Flame

Woman in yoga posture giving the violet flame forgiveness mantra

Most of us have an “enemy” who needs forgiveness – a family member, someone at work or school, and sometimes even ourselves.

There is a saying: Everyone makes mistakes, that’s why there are erasers on the end of pencils!

The violet flame can be thought of as a cosmic eraser. And one way this amazing “eraser” works is to send mercy and forgiveness to anyone you may have hurt or who has hurt you. You can give the following mantra while imagining a big violet-flame eraser going out and removing any hurts you have with anyone else!

I AM forgiveness acting here,

Casting out all doubt and fear,

Setting men forever free

With wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour;

To all life in every place

I flood forth forgiving grace.

You can also give this violet flame mantra with either video below. The first video is both introductory and devotional. The second video is much like a locomotive, the violet flame decree or mantra starts slowly and then begins to accelerate and build momentum.

As you begin to memorize the words you can close your eyes and visualize the violet flame all around yourself and others who need forgiveness. Remember, you can only create what you visualize!

And to learn even more about how forgiveness works, watch the following video!

Until next time...

Gentle Forgiveness

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