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It's My Kind of Town!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Visualization of a city bathed in violet flame

How does the violet flame work?

The Violet Flame can change your physical surroundings because it is closest in vibration (i.e. violet light has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency) to the components of matter. Therefore, wherever you give violet-flame mantras, decrees, and prayers, you will notice an immediate improvement in physical conditions.

Saint Germain's violet flame and a description of how it can help you.

Indeed, the violet flame truly is a high-frequency light you can use to change your life! And now, you too can bring the healing light of the violet flame to your city, town, or home.

If you are new to the violet flame, be sure and watch the video entitled "The Violet Flame EXPLAINED" and download the free ebook - both can be found on our Resources Page.

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