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The Wizard of Oz – a Spiritual Adventure Part 2 - We’re Off To See The Wizard

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Dorothy, the screcrow, tin man, and lion begin their spiritual adventure on the yellow brick road

In Part I of this blog-series we developed the idea that The Wizard of Oz is also a spiritual story, which regardless of your chosen religion or belief system, parallels the journey we are all on. The spiritual adventures of Dorothy, the central character in the movie, continues in part 2 below!

Have you ever heard the expression that it is a single grain of sand which creates the irritation within an oyster to produce a beautiful pearl? In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy must have felt like she was experiencing the irritation of the entire beach!

beautiful pearl formed by irritant to oyster by grain of sand

Like many classic stories, Dorothy begins her Hero’s Adventure when she experiences an upheaval - a cyclone comes along and literally uproots her from her home. Sometimes these “cyclones” or upheavals, although painful at the time, turn out to be the catalysts for learning and growth in our lives – the very events which help create the beautiful pearls.

After Dorothy is swept away from the safety of her home in Kansas, she wakes up in the colorful and vibrant land of Oz. Dorothy most wants to return home but is not certain of where she is supposed to go and how to get there. It’s at this time that Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, descends in a beautiful violet-colored sphere of light and assists Dorothy.

Glinda annoints Dorothy for the journey home

In the movie, Glinda is personified as a good witch but she can also be thought of as Dorothy’s higher self, her voice of conscience, or even her guardian angel. Glinda advises Dorothy if she wants to return home she must follow the yellow brick road and seek the aid of the Wizard of Oz, who resides in the Emerald City. Glinda also gives Dorothy a pair of enchanted ruby slippers to protect her from the Wicked Witch of the West – a personification of the various forms of opposition Dorothy will face on her journey home.

At this point, it is helpful to visit a bit of esoteric teaching you may or may not be familiar with. These sacred teachings reveal we each have a divine spark or threefold flame within our heart. It is a gift from God - a part of himself right inside of you. That’s a big deal! This divine spark is not typically visible in the physical world we live in but is nonetheless a very important part of ourselves in spiritual dimensions.

divine spark or threefold flame in the heart

The divine spark or threefold flame consists of three parts or plumes – each having a different color. The blue plume represents the power of God, the yellow plume represents the wisdom of God, and the pink plume represents the love of God. These three qualities are meant to work together in balance in your life.

A balanced threefold flame means all three parts are the same size and would indicate you are probably a wise, loving, and strong person. That’s the way we were first created, but over time (many lifetimes!) our threefold flame has likely become unbalanced through the misuse of energy. And this is where the violet flame comes in.

The violet flame - a gift from Saint Germain

The violet flame helps get rid of any imbalances in our threefold flame. And when we become balanced, we can grow even more in wisdom, love, and power – qualities which will help each of us return home.

Isn’t it interesting that on the way to Oz, Dorothy should join up with a Scarecrow who longs for a brain (wisdom), a Tin Man who desires a heart (love), and a Cowardly Lion who seeks courage (power)? Dorothy may not realize it but she is being well-prepared with everything she is going to need to make it all the way back home!

Dorothy (soul) with tin man (love), scarecrow (wisdom), and the lion (power)

Stay tuned for part 3 of this blog-series where Dorothy discovers that there is indeed no place like home.

We leave you with some tools and inspiration to continue your own journey along the yellow brick road!

Remember, your threefold flame is a gift from God and you can use the joyful power of the violet flame to help it burn brightly and in perfect balance. And here is a violet flame mantra to help you. The word “mantra” is taken from the Sanskrit, meaning sacred counsel or formula. You can give this mantra using the following words and visualization or participate in the video below!

Violet Fire, thou Love divine,

Blaze within this heart of mine!

Thou are Mercy forever true,

Keep me always in tune with you.

young lady in yoga pose giving violet flame heart mantra

And finally, a little inspiration to take with you on your journey:

bluebird perched on branch


Description of divine spark: adapted from The Gift of the Violet Flame by SU Press

Picture of threefold flame and violet flame: SU Press


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