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Discovering the Rainbow Connection with the Violet Flame!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

A rainbow on a blue sky with sunlit clouds

Our passion here at Violet Flame World is sharing stories about the violet flame, how it works, and the ways each of us can apply it in our lives to achieve self-transformation!

In this blog post you are invited to join us in a violet flame story time!

Reading to your children stirs their imagination

I recently re-discovered a story in an old book of children’s classics. It is one of many stories my dad read to me from that same book years ago. Even at the end of a long day of work for him, he would never tire of reading and re-reading these stories to me. It is a reminder that parents should always read and share quality, wholesome stories with their children because they are planting seeds which will blossom in profound and unexpected ways throughout their lives!

And now, it is my time to share this story with you! It is entitled “How the Finch got her Colors”. Notice how the story references many of the qualities associated with the violet flame - color, light, selflessness, beauty, and joy.

Upon a Time is often the beginning of a classic story

Long, long ago, when there were still only a few men on earth, there were many, many birds. They flew through the air and perched on the trees, just as they do now. But there was no blue flash from the jay’s wing, no bright orange on the oriole. They were all the same color – a dull gray, like a mist that rises from a marsh.

They did not mind their dullness because they had never seen any colors. Everything in the world was gray like their own feathers.

Then one morning a wonderful thing happened. A rainbow appeared in the sky. The King of the Birds was the first to see it. He watched it in wonder for a few minutes. Then he called to all the other birds.

“Come quickly,” he sang. “Come see the marvel in the sky!”

From all the corners of the earth the birds flew to him. They too were made silent by the beauty of the rainbow.

After a while the King of the Birds had a happy thought.

“If we had such lovely colors,” he said, “how much joy we could bring to the men and women and little children of the earth. I will fly up to this bright arc and bring back the colors for you.” Then turning to the nearest bird he asked, “Which color do you want?”

“I want green,” screeched the bird – who happened to be a parrot.

“I want orange,” sang another.

“I want bright red”, said a third.

a bird flying with rainbow in the background

The King of the Birds flew off toward the end of the rainbow. Soon he came back with the green. Then he brought the orange and the red and all the other beautiful colors. Soon there was no longer a bright arc in the sky, but the birds were flying around in its lovely colors.

Only one little bird still wore its dull gray feathers.

“Come here, little finch,“ called the King of the Birds, noticing the sad little bird. “Why are you still dull in color?”

“I was waiting for my turn,” said the little finch. “But now all the colors are gone, so I suppose I shall have to be gray for the rest of my life.”

“Indeed you shall you not,” replied the King of the Birds. “Stay here beside me.” Then he called to the other birds, who were starting to fly away.

“Come back,” he sang. “Here is the little finch without a single bright feather. She was so unselfish that she did not demand her share, while everyone else took what he wanted. Give her some of your green,” he said to the parrot. The parrot took off a few of her green feathers and gave them to the finch.

“Now some of your orange,” he said to the oriole, “and a touch of your bright red,” he said to the red-winged blackbird.

A little ashamed of their selfishness, the birds crowded around the finch and gave her part of their lovely colors. Soon the finch was the loveliest bird of all. The others had only one of the colors the King had brought, but she was clothed in all the beauty of the rainbow.

A beautiful, colored finch

It seems like there are many stories and songs about rainbows. Why is this so? Perhaps one reason is because the rainbow illustrates our relationship to God as seen in the beautiful picture below.

A picture of your Divine Self and your relationship to God

Let’s focus on the rainbow-colored spheres in this illustration. In esoteric literature, these spheres are often referred to as the causal body.

The beautiful and colorful concentric spheres of your casual body

Each of us has a casual body. It is made up of beautiful concentric spheres of pulsating light and is scintillating with the unlimited potential of Spirit. Your causal body is entirely unique because it is composed of the energies you have personally set in motion in all your lifetimes.

Each of these seven beautiful spheres denotes a different aspect of higher consciousness that your soul has dwelled upon and become, somewhere and sometime in her evolution. The pure colors of the causal body reflect the pure colors of the seven chakras, because any energy that has been properly qualified (i.e. expressed) in any of your seven chakras immediately rises to your casual body.

Violet Flame for Self-Transformation

Everything good that you do – or have ever done – in pure love, peace, and harmony rises to your causal body. As you use the violet flame to transmute (i.e. change) negative karma, that energy automatically goes there as well.

What is the violet flame?

Indeed, the violet flame is the ultimate self-help tool. It can transform your past and your present which in turn can favorably impact your future!

You are continually building your causal body in heaven, and its light is always increasing. You might call this your cosmic bank account, your personal treasure stored up in heaven. When you tap into the energy in your casual body, it is released to you as blessing, bounty, wisdom, light, love, and direction.

Everything you do in your profession, your home, and your entire life determines how you are building that casual body. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. It matters that you do it with love and a heart of peace. And as you develop mastery on one of the seven rays through your work and service, the corresponding sphere of your causal body will increase.

We would like to leave you with a song about the rainbow. The song is entitled The Rainbow Connection and it is rich in symbolism and upliftment. Like the violet flame we hope it too will elevate, uplift, and inspire you!

Until Next time…

birds forming heart shape in the sky at dusk or dawn

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"How The Finch Got Her Colors" from the book Stories that Never Grow Old – Edited by Watty Piper – Platt and Munk

Picture of Divine Self - courtesy of SU Press

Song – The Rainbow Connection. Music and lyrics written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher. Performed by Richard and Karen Carpenter


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