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National Mantra Day - Words to Live by!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

A yoga practitioner gives violet flame mantras on National Mantra Day

Consider the mantra - a short, spoken prayer consisting of a repeated word or group of words that invoke a particular aspect or quality of God.

Hindu and Buddhist mystics believe mantras help them to achieve enlightenment and oneness with God. Christian monks often chant their prayers while some Benedictine monks have even discovered that Gregorian chants energize their bodies!

Today, more and more scientific studies are showing evidence that giving mantras can reduce the heart rate, lower stress levels, relieve insomnia and benefit the immune system. Another benefit to the power and effectiveness of mantras is giving them out loud.

National Mantra Day is celebrated on May 1 each year

National Mantra Day is celebrated on May 1 each year and was created so participants can experience how self-reflection along with the power of sound can favorably change themselves and the world. It is a time of uplift and inspiration. Participants are encouraged to give their favorite mantras (i.e. AUM/OM, Violet Flame, Eastern, etc.) throughout the day.

Below you will find a violet flame mantra you can give anytime including on National Mantra Day. You can also visit our violet flame resources page and find many more!

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