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The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 2

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The colors violet, purple, and pink represent different aspects of the violet flame

In Part 1 of this blog series, we wrote about the potential for a golden age of Aquarius – a time when the winds of freedom will bring light and creativity to all life throughout the world. People will create inventions that change the world. They will find more peace within as they become closer to God. They will discover their real purpose.

In Part 2 of this three-part series, we will further explore the meaning and potential of this age. One sacred text* describes a golden age of Aquarius in this way:

"It is important, as you grasp the scientific meaning of God and the brotherhood of man, that you understand that mankind are indeed one, that you cannot be separated from each other, that the healing of the nations and the healing of the people must be simultaneous. It must be an exchange between hearts.

You must call upon the law of science within your heart, within the hearts of your neighbors, in the name of God, the mighty I AM Presence, and ask that it penetrate to the very core of the earth.. that this entire planet might become iridescent and transparent…

The soil should have the luster of the violet and pink and blue hues. And the golden sunsets should reflect through the purified air as pure white light… The water element should reveal the very beds of the seas in all of their luminosity and their golden substance. All of the energies of the animal creations shall be exalted unto a mighty resurrection, a resurgence, a paean of praise to the might God…

The trees would be luminous…the bark would be transparent…. Your houses would be transparent and… you could use the light rays to illumine them at will…. Your tables would be set and removed by simply working of a commandment within your heart.

This is true dominion, which was granted unto man in the beginning – dominion over substance, dominion over energy, and dominion over light – because man has submitted his entire being to the will of his mighty I AM Presence. This is a radiant possibility…. It is worth trying for; it is worth shooting to the stars to conquer the self in order to receive all the things that God has in store for man."

Sound good? For me, I was on board upon discovering I could set and clear the dinner table with a single thought!

What is the role of the violet flame in helping to create a golden age?

One way we can begin the adventure of helping create a world like the one described above is to give the violet flame often. The violet flame is the foundation for this new Aquarian age and we will enter it successfully to the degree we understand and put it to use! One particularly powerful and effective violet flame mantra you can use is: I AM a being of violet fire – I AM the purity God desires!

This mantra is most beneficial when given out loud. And the more you give it, the more you will experience greater stamina, wellness, peace, and joy!

You can make this mantra a part of your everyday routine – while showering, preparing breakfast, driving to work, and more. And remember, whatever you claim for yourself you can claim for all Life everywhere – because all Life is one!

Your tube of light can be thought of as your spiritual personal protective equipment (PPE)!

Finally, mantras will be even more effective if you begin each day be putting on your spiritual “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)” – also known as your tube of Light as seen above.

Ready to change yourself and change the world? You can participate by giving the mantra “I AM a being of violet fire – I AM the purity God desires!” in the accompanying video.

In our next and final blog in this series we will explore who (hint: think Saint Germain) has given us this mantra and what his role will be in the Aquarian Age.

* excerpt from Violet Flame – Alchemy for Personal Change by SU Press

- Tube of Light picture compliments of Summit Lighthouse

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