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A New Kind of Night School!

Updated: Jan 25

The purifying action of the violet flame helps you remember what you see and learn in etheric cities of light during sleep.

Many times, I remember staying up late in College studying for a test the next day. Often, I would be quite tired and remember thinking, wouldn’t it be great if I could learn while I sleep? Well, if only I had known!

Did you know there are great retreats and cities of light located in the etheric plane (often referred to as the heaven world) around the earth? There are souls evolving and learning there while preparing to embody on Earth. Their hope is to carry the idealism, joy, peace, and beauty of these retreats and cities and recreate them here on Earth. Often, those who are inspired by memories of their experiences in the etheric plane will work here on earth to help bring advances in healing, ideal forms of government, education, art and music, among others.

An angel points the way to an ethereal or heavenly retreat for learning and instruction

Today, you no longer have to wait until you are between embodiments to begin bringing these ideals and gifts to the world. You can visit these etheric retreats and cities while you sleep at night. And the violet flame can help! As you begin to give the violet flame more and more, its purifying effect will provide you a greater and greater opportunity to consciously remember what you have seen and learned!

To begin your experience in this new kind of “night school”, you can give this simple prayer each night before going to asleep:

In the name of my I AM Presence,

I call for an angel of light to escort me in my etheric body to the cities and retreats of light.

Let it be done according to God’s will.

Until we meet again...

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