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Violet Flame - Transformation at the speed of Light

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The internet is a metaphor for God and his creation - we are all wired back to the Source through strands of spiritual Light.

The Internet – sometimes I can hardly remember life before it. Remember going to the library and searching through books to write a report, looking up a telephone number in the phone book, waiting for the evening news to get a weather report, stopping at a gas station for driving directions, or even writing a letter?

Both data and spiritual energy such as the violet flamecan be routed around the globe at the speed of light

Today, so much in our lives has been transformed by the Internet. Technologically speaking , we are all interconnected as data is sent around the world at the speed of light, stored in the cloud, and immediately accessible.

In many ways, the Internet is a metaphor for God and his creation.

As you can see from the picture at the beginning of this article, we each have a cord of light connecting us to the one Presence of God. And because we are all interconnected, everything we send out “over the wire” in the form of a thought, feeling, or actions affects everyone else.

This is one reason we want to strive to keep our thoughts and feelings positive and uplifting. And it also shows why giving the violet flame is so powerful. As we begin to transform ourselves though its daily use, we literally assist everyone else to do the same!

Why not begin giving the violet flame today and send your mantras and prayers up into “the cloud” to begin to transform yourself and the world? You are invited to visit our violet flame resources page to begin the journey!

a plane with banner letting people know about the violet flame

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Picture credit: from the book “Who is God?” by SU Press

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