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Violet Flame... for a Perfect Match!

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Violet flame can enhance any relationship and assist you to find your soul mate or twin flame.

A Match Made in Heaven

When I was young, I read and heard stories of knights in shining armor, a prince finding his princess, and everyone living happily ever after. Some of us grow up and experience this ideal while others continue the search for the “perfect match”. No matter our circumstance, we should always remember the ideal and help bring it out in one another!

Like Attracts Like

Two swans creating a heart and expressing the soul mate or twin flame ideal in their relationship.

I heard someone say once – you need to become what you hope to attract. So, let’s say you are looking for someone who is kind, well-informed, and has a positive outlook. Then you can begin by practicing these qualities in your daily life until they naturally become a part of who you are.

But I Thought Opposites Attract?

Many times, opposites do attract. Sometimes two people are seeking balance and their relationship allows them to learn from an abundance or lack of qualities in each other. For example, one person may speak too loud and often while the other is too timid and doesn’t speak up. These opposites in qualities can sometimes create friction or tension in a relationship. But it is always helpful to remember it is the “irritation” from a grain of sand which causes the oyster to produce a beautiful pearl!

A beautiful pearl seen inside an oyster on beach near the ocean

How does the violet flame help you find your perfect match or that match made in heaven?

The violet flame contains the qualities which help relationships the most – forgiveness, mercy, and kindness to name a few. And when you give the violet flame, it enters your heart and you begin to experience a breakthrough in understanding and a new compassion towards others. And as you begin to send love, forgiveness, and compassion to others you receive these same energies back. So, what goes around really does come around and you can begin to attract what you are becoming!

Sound exciting? Here’s a violet flame mantra you can give daily to assist in your journey! You may find others on our Resources Page.

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