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Violet Flame? Sounds good to me!

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

The vibration of sound in violet flame affirmations, prayers, and mantras given out loud is one key to self-transformation.

Sometimes, when people begin giving violet flame, they can be a little uncomfortable repeating the affirmations, prayers and mantras out loud.

And yet sound is the key. Sound, whatever it may be, is caused by something vibrating.

The vibration of sound can create change in the world we live it. For example, it can trigger an avalanche or an opera singer can shatter a glass.

Science has shown certain music can favorably impact mild production in dairy cows.

Science has shown how certain types of music can have a favorable impact on the growth of plants, the development of children, and even milk production in dairy cows.

In the scientific community, quantum physics is beginning to reveal that at the particle level everything is connected; therefore, the sounds we make, the words we speak, and the mantras we give have an impact on everything and everyone!

An old manual typewriter with "Words Matter" typed onto the sheet of paper

Perhaps you remember the old adage, "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me"? Not true! Our positive words can uplift other people or impact them unfavorably when used in anger or through gossip.

One of the very best examples we have seen regarding the impact of sound and words is from an episode of the television series Touched By an Angel. In this episode, entitled "Monica's Bad Day", a restaurant owner begins the day by making a rude gesture at Monica. The rude gesture and subsequent unkind words in turn sets off a ripple which negatively impacts everyone in its path. Near the end of the episode, everyone learns that it "didn't have to be that way" and a "do-over" using positive, uplifting words leads to a beautiful conclusion.

The cover of season 6 of the hit television series Touched By an Angel

And in areas of faith, religious practitioners have chanted the OM for hundreds of years or longer. When you chant the OM, you open your spiritual centers or chakras and the sound of creation flows through and raises you to a place of higher consciousness. The following video will give you the opportunity to participate in this very experience!

And with this understanding you can now give violet flame affirmations, prayers, and mantras out loud fully aware that the vibration of sound is one of the keys to transforming yourself… and the world!

Single flower along with a quote by Rumi - Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

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