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Friends in High Places – Portia, Our Violet Flame Helper!

Updated: May 29, 2023

The Ascended Lady Master Portia - hierarch of the Age of Aquarius

Welcome to the latest in our ongoing blog post series entitled Friends in High Places – Our Violet Flame Helpers. From time-to-time we will introduce and share information with you about various friends in high places and how you can get to know these violet flame helpers better!

What is a Friend?

A true and faithful friend is a joy in life. Such a friend can be your parent, your brother or sister, someone in your class, or just about anyone – but a true friend is always someone you can trust. It is the person you can confide in and who loves you unconditionally.

The Ascended Masters are our Friends in High Places

We have many friends in heaven who love us as much as our closest friends on earth do. These friends are called ascended masters. We can think of them as the saints in heaven. There are many ascended masters who want to help us!

Introducing the Ascended Lady Master Portia

The Ascended Lady Master Portia - heirarch of the Aqurian Age
The Ascended Lady Master Portia - a true friend in high places

You may be reading or hearing about Portia for the first time. However, the great wisdom teachings reveal she has been with us for a very long time – sometimes away from our physical sight and other times right before us! Portia is known for and associated with the qualities of mercy, justice, and opportunity.

The Quality of Mercy

A young woman metaphorically experiencing the mercy of the gentle rain.

One of the most famous and insightful descriptions of mercy is found in William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”. Interestingly, the speech, often referred to as “The quality of mercy” is given by a character named Portia. In it, she is disguised as a lawyer who begs Shylock to show mercy to Antonio. The speech extols the power of mercy, “an attribute to God Himself.”

The quality of mercy is not“strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

These are words we can all learn to live by!

The Quality of Justice

The Goddess of Opportunity holding the scales of justice

Many of us watch and read the news daily and perceive various injustices in the world. When this happens, it is important to not be side-tracked by the seeming appearance of injustice because ultimately there is no injustice anywhere!

We may not remember but we have met Portia before. Have you heard or read about people who experienced a near-death-experience (NDE)? Oftentimes, the person who “died” and came back recalls an experience where their life “passed before their eyes”.

Perhaps this is because after each lifetime on Earth we meet with a group of heavenly beings who comprise what is called the Karmic Board. At some time after our just-completed lifetime we review our greatest accomplishments along with where we may have fallen short.

The scales of justice

Portia, known as the Goddess of Justice, is one of the eight members of the Karmic Board [1]. With the assistance of many heavenly beings, Portia and the other members of the Karmic Board have access to the complete records of all our lifetimes on earth. They also determine who shall embody, as well as when and where. We meet with the Karmic Board before each lifetime where we receive our assignments along with the families and communities we will be part of.

Mercy and Justice go hand-in-hand

Two girls (representing justice and mercy) walking down a sunlit road

How we can be more just and merciful towards others in everyday life?

In the esoteric classic “The Masters and Their Retreats” [2], it says “…wherever you attempt or seek to administer justice to others whom you also may have beneath your charge, you will give forth mercy – not in that quality unbalanced that will cause mankind to destroy themselves because of your lack of firmness, but in that perfect balance of spiritual understanding that gives to each man that portion of mercy properly mixed with justice that is best for him. “

The Quality of Opportunity

Many of us look for opportunity to come to us in the form of a perfect job, financial success, or an ideal relationship. However, opportunity can appear in many disguises. Often, our greatest breakthroughs and advancement come from taking the opportunity to overcome the greatest obstacles as the following parable illustrates:

A benevlolet queen

Once upon a time, there was a benevolent Queen who cared deeply for her people and their well-being. One day, she decided to conduct a test of her fellow citizens to determine who had a positive attitude in life and would give of their time and energy for the good of the Kingdom and their fellow man.

The Queen had a huge boulder placed in the middle of a well-traveled road. She then hid nearby to see who would attempt to move the boulder out of the way.

The Queen observed wealthy merchants and courtiers passing down the road, none of whom made any attempt to move the boulder aside. They all turned and walked away, some even blaming the Queen for not maintaining the roads!

Finally, a peasant came along carrying only his dinner vegetables. When he saw the boulder, the peasant laid his dinner aside and began trying to move the boulder. After much strenuous effort he succeeded, and the way forward was cleared.

In that moment, the peasant saw a purse lying where the boulder had been. The peasant opened the purse and found it contained many gold coins and a note from the Queen which read: “This is the reward for the person who moves the boulder away”. The End.

Even today, people often walk away from or blame others for problems or obstacles in their lives. However, the story clearly illustrates the great value of seeing opportunity in every obstacle – and working to remove these obstacles can often bring our greatest rewards!

More ways to get to know the Ascended Lady Master Portia

Saint Germain and Portia - hierarchs of the Age of Aquarius
Portia and Saint Germain

Portia and Saint Germain – Hierarchs of Aquarius

Our regular readers here at Violet Flame World very likely know of Saint Germain. Did you know on May 1, 1954 Saint Germain and Portia were crowned hierarchs of the Aquarian age?

A hierarch is defined as a person who:

- rules or has authority in sacred matters; a high priest or priestess.

- has high position or considerable authority.

Not long after the start of the new millennium, we entered into the age of Aquarius – a 2000-year cycle which carries the potential for great advances in technology and spirituality – a veritable golden age of freedom!

Saint Germain and Portia will play a pivotal role in the Aquarian age we are just entering. It will be so interesting to see how it all develops as humanity moves through the next 2000 years!

The Violet Flame – An Opportunity to Remove Obstacles

A young man taking the opportunity to experience the violet flame

The word opportunity can be thought of as the open portal to unity. And giving the violet flame is one very effective way we can begin to experience unity – unity with our higher self, with higher dimensions, and with our violet flame helpers!

Whether you are new to the violet flame or have been using it for a long time, all can experience greater unity by giving the violet flame.

You can experience the violet flame through mantra, decree, meditation, or affirmation. Visit our Resources Page to learn more. And to further honor Portia, we are introducing in this blog post two new violet flame songs below!

Visiting and Learning with Portia While you Sleep

Freedom and Justice Arch in Accra Ghana

Did you know you can travel and learn while you sleep? I sure would like to have known that in college!

In Accra, the capital of Ghana, there is a monument known as the Freedom and Justice Arch [3]. Congruent with this arch in higher dimensions is where the heavenly retreat of Portia is located. You can visit this ethereal retreat by giving this brief prayer at bedtime:

“In the name of my I AM Presence, I call for an angel of light to escort me in my etheric body to the retreat of Portia over the Freedom and Justice Arch in Accra, Ghana. Let it be done according to God’s will.”

We are grateful for the opportunity to assist you to learn more about Portia and look forward to being with you again soon.

Beautiful lavener flowers and a closing message (Until Next Time!) to our blog post readers


1 The eight members of the Karmic Board are the Great Divine Director, the Goddess of Liberty, lady master Nada, Elohim Cyclopea, Pallas Athena, the goddess of Truth; Portia, the Goddess of Justice; Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy; and the Dhyani Buddha Vairochana.

2 Justice and Mercy – The Masters and Their Retreats by SU Press – p. 291

3 Freedom and Justice Arch – The Masters and Their Retreats by SU Press – p. 453


- Mercy and Justice photo: “Sisters Always” by Jake Olson Studios


- Portia is known to adoringly refer to her Saint Germain as Francis, a name which means “freedom”. Interestingly, the name Francis is derived from the Germanic and Old French franc, meaning “free” or “free man.”


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