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Friends in High Places - Saint Germain, Our Violet Flame Helper

Updated: May 1, 2023

Saint Germain, the one who has given us the gift of the violet flame

Welcome to the first in a new blog series entitled Friends in High Places – our violet flame helpers. From time to time we will introduce and share information with you about various friends in high places and how you can get to know these violet flame helpers better!

What is a Friend?

A true and faithful friend is a joy in life. Such a friend can be your parent, your brother or sister, someone in your class, or just about anyone – but a true friend is always someone you can trust. A true friend keeps your secrets. It’s the person you can confide in and who loves you no matter what you do.

The Ascended Masters are our Friends

There are many friends in heaven who love us as much as our closest friends on earth do. These friends are called ascended masters. We can also think of them as the saints in heaven. There are so many ascended masters who want to help us.

If you look up into the deep night sky and see millions of bright stars, you have an idea of how many beings of light there are.

A spiritual seeker looking into the deep night sky and seeing millions of bright stars, a reminder of how many beings of light there are!

You might wonder how someone all the way up in heaven could possibly understand your problems. But these masters have lived on earth too. They also had challenges and had to balance their karma and conquer situations with great love in their hearts so they could stay in heaven permanently. They earned the right to ascend to heaven.

The ascension from our earthly body to our heavenly body usually happens after many lifetimes when we have finished everything we need to do here on earth. Earth is like a schoolroom. We learn our lessons here, and when we finish them and pass our tests, we can become an ascended master and have a beautiful body of pure light too. That is part of God’s plan for all of us!

A Very Special Friend and Violet Flame Helper

There is one loving master who is very special because he is the first one to teach us about the violet flame. And he is an expert on teaching us how to use it, it is his specialty! His name is Saint Germain and he knows that the violet flame can bring miracles to you if you ask.

Saint Germain - a very special friend and violet flame helper
Saint Germain - our Violet Flame helper

Saint Germain’s name means “holy brother.” He is a loving, gracious, merciful, and forgiving ascended master. Saint Germain embodies the freedom flame and has had many lifetimes on earth. He has been a guiding light – a mystic, alchemist, scientist, philosopher, monk, prophet, and more. Saint Germain has been working from heaven for many centuries to help establish freedom on earth. You will never find a better friend than Saint Germain!

Saint Germain also inspired the creation of the waltz. Waltz music carries the rhythm of the violet flame, which is in three-quarter time. Saint Germain inspired musician Johann Strauss to write the Strauss waltzes. You may have heard some of his beautiful waltz music before.

It’s so lovely that it makes you want to whirl across the room! Saint Germain’s plan was that when people danced to the music of the waltz, they would actually bring forth the violet flame without even realizing it.

A young, well-dressed couple waltzing in the violet flame!

You can Visit Saint Germain

One way to become closer to Saint Germain is to visit him at night in his retreat. A retreat is like a home for the ascended masters in heaven and a place where they work with their many students who visit them. Saint Germain has a retreat in the spiritual plane beyond this physical world. We can’t see these places with our physical eyes, but when we sleep at night we can travel in our finer bodies to visit them.

A spiritual retreat like this one is a place we can visit in our finer bodies while asleep at night.

Some people remember these beautiful places of light. These retreats have classrooms, meeting rooms, and counsel halls. You can visit meditation rooms, laboratories, and even amphitheaters where Saint Germain and other masters can show you how the violet flame works to clear up records of past lifetimes.

Saint Germain’s own special retreat is called the Cave of Symbols. It is in Table Mountain in the Rocky Mountains. It has a vaulted chamber that is 200 feet wide and covered with stalactites of rainbow hues in the formation of mystic symbols! He also teaches classes at the Royal Teton Retreat, which is congruent with the Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming, USA.

You can ask Saint Germain to take you to these retreats and to teach you more about the gift of the sparkling life-changing violet flame. You can also say a prayer before you go to bed, asking to be taken to a certain retreat. In the following prayer you can fill in the blank with anything you need help with:

"Beloved Saint Germain, please take me to your retreat tonight and teach me about the violet flame. Please help me learn how to use it in the following situation: [ ]. I thank you and accept it done according to God’s will. Amen."

Saint Germain’s Greatest Gift

Our friend and teacher, Saint Germain, has given much to the world during his many lifetimes, but the knowledge of the violet flame is the greatest gift of the ages. He wants to help us balance our karma quickly and easily so we can be closer to God in our hearts. He knew centuries ago that it would take us a very long time to balance the karma from our many lifetimes if we didn’t have the violet flame to help us. That’s why it’s so important to him that we have and use it.

The violet flame is Saint Germain's greatest gift to humanity!

Following are additional ways you can get know Saint Germain better. These include special violet flame songs, a beautiful Strauss waltz, and a violet flame mantra which you give any time!

Until next time...

Saint Germain inspired the creation of the waltz. Waltz music carries the rhythm of the violet flame, which is in three-quarter time.

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Blog article adapted from the book "The Gift of the Violet Flame" by SU Press

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