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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

A jukebox is a metaphor for life - thoughts, actions, and events from past lives create recorded experiences or “records”.

Ok, so what you make ask, does the violet flame have to do with a jukebox?

It is because a jukebox is an apt metaphor for our lives. For example, all of our thoughts, actions, events, etc. in life (and in past lives if you are inclined to believe in reincarnation) create recorded experiences or “records”.

Oftentimes, we play back or experience the not-so-good records over and over until they form deep grooves in our lives. And like a jukebox, the needle of our life can follow the same old grooves, playing the same record over and over again until we are ready to seek a new and improved song.

And this is where the violet flame comes in – we can put it to work in our lives to amplify the good records and also to assist us to neutralize or transform the less desirable ones!

the violet flame consuming past events or records

The violet flame can help you remove some of the karmic "records" from your unwanted past!

To learn and experience more, access some of our "greatest hits" at our Resources Page. We hope you will begin to make the violet flame a part of your daily play list!

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