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Overcoming Cause and Effect with the Violet Flame!

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Man standing among falling dominoes - an example of cause and effect

I once heard a story from a very wise man who hosted a “come as you were” party. Each attendee was invited to dress up as a character from a previous life. The interesting thing which happened was everyone showed up as royalty or some important dignitary – there were no ordinary, everyday people in attendance!

Man and woman in Shakespeare's period costumes

I am thinking most attendees had not considered Shakespeare’s words before getting dressed!

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts… *

I suppose it remains to be seen what our “many parts” have been over possibly many lifetimes!

One of the things which happened to us while we were playing “many parts” was that we created karma. Perhaps the word karma is new or even a bit uncomfortable to you. The concept of karma has also been expressed and illustrated in literature, society, and culture through phrases such as:

• What goes around comes around

• The circle of life

• Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. **

• Cause and effect

• Wash - Dry - Fold... Repeat

hand holding boomerang as an illustration that whatever you send out (thoughts, feelings, etc.) always returns to you.

Why do we have karma?

We have free will – it is essentially the prime directive under which we live and operate in this world. Therefore, through free will, we can knowingly and unknowingly create karma along the way. However, this karma doesn't simply disappear or get wiped clean at the end of each life. With the gift of free will comes accountability!

Man standing among falling dominoes - an example of the circle of lifef

It can take a lot of courage to look at our negative karma (note: we make positive karma too!). The interesting thing about it all is that we really do create our world. When we send our thoughts, feelings, and words out into the atmosphere, they gather more of their kind (i.e. the law of attraction) and return to us. Ironically, the misuse of thoughts, feelings, and words can often bind us more tightly to the very things we desire to be free from!

Karma is also one reason we don’t have to get too worked up about the sometimes perceived lack or timeliness of justice in this world. Those dominoes don’t always come full circle until one or perhaps many lifetimes later!

cartoon of man unraveling ball of knotty string

How do we untangle that knotty ball of string that we call karma?

The same wise man who hosted the “come as you were” party also used to say: “If they knew better, they’d do better”. We can begin to do better by taking the following actions to help accelerate the journey home:

• Learn to control our thoughts, words, and feelings and freeing ourselves from criticism and judgment of others

• Increase our good karma through kindness and service to life

• Give the violet flame consistently

How can the violet flame help us overcome cause and effect (karma)?

The consistent use of the violet flame can help fast-track us through the balancing of our karma. Without the violet flame, we might well need to revisit every place we have ever lived and interact with everyone we have ever known in order to bring all things into balance. And ironically, the logistics and time for accomplishing all of this would require even more lifetimes!

The violet flame is a gift given to us by Saint Germain. He knew what it would take to balance lifetimes worth of karma to make it all the way home.

Following are some introductory, devotional violet flame mantras and affirmations to help you get started or reinforce your journey.

Until next time…

purple maltese cross

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* From the Shakespeare play “As You Like It”

** Ecclesiastes 11:1

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